Portage Lake 69-kV transmission project - Great River Energy

Portage Lake 69-kV transmission project

Great River Energy proposes to construct a new 69-kV transmission line and substation located in Aitkin County. This project will improve the reliability and system voltage of the transmission system in the area.

The transmission line will extend from Mille Lacs Energy Cooperative’s existing Palisade Substation, located in Logan Township, to the new 69/115-kV “Portage Lake” Substation located in Section 11 in Kimberly Township. The transmission line generally will follow Aitkin County Road 5 with the poles proposed to be located 3 to 5 feet outside of the edge of the
road right of way in most areas.

South of MN Trunk Highway 210, Aitkin County has a project in preliminary stages to rebuild, and in some areas realign, County Road 5. Great River Energy will coordinate with Aitkin County Highway Department through their design and construction and place poles where they will not interfere with the existing and rebuilt roadways.

Guy wires to support poles will be needed in some locations to accommodate angles in the transmission centerline. Poles and guy wires will be placed to not interfere with agricultural and residential land uses to the extent possible.

Where the transmission line follows County Road 5, a portion of the easement will overlap with the road right-of-way.

Open house

Great River Energy hosted a virtual open house on March 29, 2022. The recording of the meeting is below.

Permitting / environmental approvals

A conditional use permit will be required by Aitkin County for the Portage Lake Substation.

Additional permits from road authorities, environmental agencies and other utilities will begin once the project has local approval and preliminary design is complete.

Quick facts
  • Length: 9.5 miles
  • Voltage: 69 kV
  • Structures: Primarily wood with laminate and steel poles in some areas
  • Spans: 325 to 375 feet apart
  • Right of way: 100-foot-wide easement being 50 feet on each side of the centerline
  • Easements
    Summer to Winter 2022
  • Construction
Project Contacts
Michelle Lommel
Senior field representative
Phone: 763-445-5977
Tosha Barthel
Transmission permitting specialist
Phone: 763-445-5986
Media Contacts
Lori Buffington
Phone: 763-445-5714
Twitter: @lbuffing