Pollinator Strong - Great River Energy

Our investment in Minnesota’s future.

Pollinators provide ongoing, valuable benefits to our members’ daily lives, our agriculture, our environment—and we are committed to restoring pollinator-friendly habitats in our local communities. Great River Energy has been actively working to re-establish habitats across our state that pollinators like birds, bees and butterflies need to eat, live and do their work.

We’re ramping up our efforts to increase acreage of pollinator habitats across Minnesota. Take a look at where we are today, and where we’ll be growing in the future.

Great River Energy’s Native Prairie & Pollinator HABITATS


100+ sites across MN

300 acres restored to date

Some of our sites include:

Lakefield Junction Station: 91 acres
Pleasant Valley Station: 87 acres
Powerline projects: 50 acres
Becker Ash Landfill: 33 acres
Elk River campus: 12.4 acres
Riverview Substation: 7.6 acres
Cambridge Station: 7 acres
St. Bonifacius Station: 3.6 acres
McHenry Substation: 2.5 acres
New Prague Service Center: 2.5 acres
Lake Marion Substation: 2 acres
Bunker Lake Substation: 1.8 acres
Maple Grove office: 1.5 acres
St. James Service Center: 1.5 acres

Plant your own pollinator-friendly project

Planting native seeds or plants in your existing garden or space is one way you can take action in your own backyard.