Internships - Great River Energy

Internship opportunities at Great River Energy

Great River Energy offers an internship program that provides a well-rounded experience for student interns by providing exposure to the business world, the utilities industry and our organization.  This program is a part of our recruitment strategy to attract and retain a skilled, diverse and an engaged workforce.

“The entire culture that surrounds Great River Energy is what initially attracted me to pursue a position here. Everything from employees of all departments, to the ‘three R’ business model and the cooperative structure makes Great River Energy a welcoming and rewarding place to work.” 

Peter, former Great River Energy intern

Types of internship positions

We offer a variety of internship positions throughout our organization. These positions may be a full-time summer or a part-time position during the school year.  We provide a flexible schedule that allows student to put education first.  In the past ten years, Great River Energy has employed 155 students throughout our Minnesota and North Dakota locations.

  • Engineering (civil, electrical, computer)
  • Design drafting
  • Land surveying
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Forecasting & resource planning
  • Data analytics
  • Information technology
  • Safety
  • Environmental / legal / regulatory
  • Land rights / permitting
  • Human resources
  • Communications, marketing
  • Finance / accounting
  • Risk / insurance
  • Member resources / contracts / rates / power marketing / resource planning / compliance
  • Power generation

“I think the most rewarding aspect of my internship was meeting all the great people at Great River Energy. The knowledge and experience I gained while working one-on-one with industry professionals was invaluable—not to mention how helpful and friendly everyone is! Over the course of 2 years I was able to lay a foundation for my future career, and build lasting relationships with some pretty great coworkers!”

-Jessica, former Great River Energy intern

Interested in an internship at Great River Energy?

If you have further questions, please call 763-445-5000 and ask to speak with our internship coordinator, or email