Legislative involvement - Great River Energy

We’re an active participant in the legislative and regulatory process

Great River Energy closely follows all activity related to industry-related issues on behalf of our 27 member owners.

Active at both federal and state levels, we work with industry associations and other stakeholder groups to ensure we can deliver on our triple bottom line commitment of providing affordable rates, reliable energy service and environmental stewardship to our members.

Our political contributions policy

Great River Energy does not use corporate funds to make political contributions.

Political action committee

In compliance with law, Great River Energy has established a political action committee (PAC), the Great River Energy Action Team (GREAT). GREAT uses voluntary contributions from members of the Great River Energy board of directors and eligible Great River Energy employees to make political contributions to U.S. federal, state and local political parties, committees, and candidates. Contributions are nonpartisan, aligned with the interests of Great River Energy, and made in accordance with all applicable laws and requirements. Contributions are made without regard for the private political preferences of company leadership or executives.