Working with us - Great River Energy

Information for our partners

Great River Energy often collaborates with other service providers and organizations to achieve our mission of providing our member-owner cooperatives with reliable energy at affordable rates in harmony with a sustainable environment. Below is information partners and potential partners may find useful.

Ethics compliance and reporting

Great River Energy is committed to the highest ethical standards; to conducting our business with the highest level of integrity; and to achieving compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, accounting standards, accounting controls, and audit practices. We established an ethics hotline to ensure we are held to the highest standards of conduct.

Great River Energy supports diversity sourcing

Great River Energy’s corporate values guide our actions and how we work with you. Valuing diversity means creating an environment that respects and includes differences and recognizes the importance of having suppliers and contractors that represent the communities we serve and where we have facilities.

Partnering with diverse suppliers also contributes to the economic growth and expansion of our communities. We offer businesses an equal opportunity to compete in our purchase of products and services. Our goal is to build relationships with and purchase goods and services from local companies and certified small businesses as well as enterprises owned by minorities, women, veterans and disabled persons. We also support our suppliers’ and contractors’ commitment to supplier diversity and take this into consideration.

If your organization holds a diversity certification, please send your certificate number and contact information to for consideration.

Using our name

In order to protect Great River Energy’s trademark and corporate reputation, the following brand protection guidelines are in place:

Our business partners shall not use the Great River Energy logo or name in any promotional materials, advertisement or other communications without prior written consent of Great River Energy. Great River Energy understands the desire by business partners to highlight innovative work being done in the industry and will make every effort to comply with requests to partner in media relations activities. However, Great River Energy is unable to endorse or promote another organization’s products or services or a political candidate.