Peregrine falcon birdcam - Great River Energy


May: The four eggs successfully hatched in early May. The banding for Breezy and Brooklyn’s young ones was initially supposed to take place late this month. However, due to the recent Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) outbreak, the Raptor Resource Project decided to cancel all falcon bandings for 2022. While this decision is an unfortunate and sad one for many, it is also very important so that all can remain safe including Breezy, Brooklyn, and their falcon family.  GRE is happy to say that as of now, our peregrine falcons are healthy and are not showing signs of the HPAI.  

April: Breezy and Brooklyn have produced four eggs. Expected hatch dates: May 5-7

March: Our long-term falcon residents have returned to the Elk River nest box. Brooklyn, the male, has returned for his 8th year and Breezy, the female, has returned for a 5th year.

Great River Energy’s Elk River nesting box falcons

Great River Energy hosts a peregrine falcon nesting box on its Elk River, Minn. campus. This is a perfect site for a nesting box because it is located in a peregrine falcon migratory flyway. The site, beside the Mississippi River, is also a draw because the birds prefer to nest in high locations near water.

Great River Energy, with the help of an Eagle Scout and the Raptor Resource Project, first installed the nesting box in 2006. Since then, 46 young falcons have fledged from the Elk River location. A few of those falcons have been spotted around Minnesota.

In early 2020, Great River Energy successfully relocated the nesting box. Here is a video about the relocation.

A note for our birdcam viewers:

This is live video of wild birds in the natural process of raising their young. Great River Energy will not, nor do we condone, any interference with this nest while it is occupied. However, we do work with the Raptor Resource Project to band any young peregrines at the appropriate time.