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More than a power company

Great River Energy is a not-for-profit wholesale electric power cooperative serving 28 member-owner distribution cooperatives. Together, our systems provide reliable, cleaner electricity while maintaining affordable rates for 1.7 million people.

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Budget, rates set for 2023
Nov 16, 2022

Strategic decisions to stabilize wholesale electricity rates continue to serve Great River Energy’s member-owners well, but broader economic challenges will impact energy costs in the year ahead.

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Great River Energy ranks among ‘Healthiest Employers’ in Minnesota
Nov 16, 2022

Ongoing efforts to improve employee wellness earned Great River Energy a place among the 2022 honorees for this year’s Healthiest Employers of Minnesota list. The electric cooperative took second

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Agreement signed to sell Midwest AgEnergy Group, LLC
Oct 26, 2022

Midwest AgEnergy Group, LLC executed an agreement to sell 100% of Midwest AgEnergy to HLCP Ethanol Holdco, LLC (HLCP). Midwest AgEnergy is a biofuels enterprise of which Great River Energy is the

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Helping co-ops in crisis: Board pledges $25,000 for Hurricane Ian recovery
Oct 19, 2022

Cooperatives are built on the principle that a group of people united for a common cause is a powerful force. This is especially true when a cooperative must recover from a natural disaster. Great

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