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new standard

Renewable energy comes from natural resources that are constantly being replenished: wind, the sun and water. They produce fewer emissions than other power sources, plus they’re efficient, reliable and increasingly cost-effective.

Because of these benefits we’ve been transitioning our portfolio—meeting Minnesota’s standards of 25% renewable energy in 2017—8 years ahead of the requirement. And to continue providing people with better power, we’re adding more renewables.


Wind is an abundant resource in the Midwest and it makes up a large part of our
renewable portfolio.


wind projects in
North Dakota,
South Dakota
and Iowa that we
purchase power from.


megawatts of
combined wind
energy is produced
from those 8 projects.


kilowatts of wind energy powers our Platinum LEED certified headquarters facility in Maple Grove.
Explore all wind farm projects


Capturing energy from the sun and making it usable in people’s everyday lives. Between 2014 and 2015, we started building solar installations to growing our renewables portfolio and learn about solar technology. Then, we applied our knowledge to build more installations for the communities we serve. Along with our member-owner cooperatives, we’ve constructed:


solar installations, including one in our own front yard.


kilowatts of solar energy installations in Minnesota.


megawatts of solar energy through the Dickinson Solar Project for Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association.
View the energy output from statewide solar projects


One of our first sources of generation that continues to support our renewables offering is hydropower from dams.


megawatts (summer rating) of hydropower for our member-owner cooperatives comes from Western Area Power Administration.


megawatts of hydropower comes from a Diversity Exchange Agreement with Manitoba Hydro.

Wellspring Energy Programs: An easy, affordable
way to get cleaner energy

Homeowners and businessowners have opportunities to buy additional solar or wind energy for a
nominal monthly fee. Help support renewable energy development and reduce our community’s
dependence on non-renewable energy sources, all without sacrificing reliability.

Get more information and sign up by contacting your cooperative.

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