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FE-FD 69-kV transmission line project

Great River Energy, wholesale electric supplier to Federated Rural Electric Association, proposes to rebuild approximately seven miles of the FE-FD, 69,000 volt (69-kV) overhead transmission line in Manyaska Township, in southern Martin County. Due to the age and condition of the existing line, this project will improve electric reliability in the area and, by relocating a portion of the line, will increase the ease of access, operation and maintenance of the transmission line.

This project will include relocating a portion of the existing FE-FD transmission line from field line, east to a location adjacent to 90th Avenue (see attached map). The proposed rebuild begins at the Fox Lake Substation and routes south approximately a half mile, across Interstate 90. The line will then route east approximately three quarter miles east until it reaches 90th Avenue. The proposed route will follow 90th Avenue south approximately six miles where it will connect to the existing FE-FW 69-kV transmission line.

Permitting and easements

Great River Energy will work with Martin County to obtain road right-of-way working permits and, if needed, a Conditional Use Permit (CUP). Great River Energy will also work with the Department of Natural Resources, Minnesota Department of Transportation and other state, county, township and local authorities to acquire all permissions necessary to do the work. Landowners along the proposed relocated transmission line route will be contacted and presented with easement agreements

Quick facts
  • Length: Approximately 7 miles
  • Voltage: 69-kV
  • Structures: Wood
  • Spans: 350 to 400 feet apart
  • Right-of-way: 100-feet-wide (50 feet each side of centerline)
  • Notifications
    March/April 2024
  • Project permitting
  • Survey design
    Summer 2025
  • Easements/Environmental permits
    Winter 2024 – Fall 2025
  • Transmission line construction
    January 2026 – April 2027
  • Energization
    April 2027
Project Contacts
Anson Belcourt
Great River Energy
Phone: 763-349-0081
Marsha Parlow
Great River Energy
Phone: 763-445-5215
Media Contacts
Heather Reinhart
Phone: 763-445-5722