Deer River to Jessie Lake 69-kV transmission line rebuild and reroute - Great River Energy

Deer River to Jessie Lake 69-kV transmission line rebuild and reroute

Great River Energy, wholesale power supplier to North-Itasca Electric Cooperative and Lake Country Power, is proposing to rebuild and relocate portions of its 69-kV transmission line between Deer River and Jessie Lake. Since the mid-1950s, this line has served as North-Itasca Electric Cooperative’s primary power source, and due to its age and condition can no longer provide adequate and reliable power delivery. Rebuilding to modern construction standards will enhance the area’s power supply providing for future growth, lightning protection, improved year-round maintenance and emergency access and diminish environmental disturbance.

The first segment is a proposed reroute of a two-mile double circuit 69-kV line, exiting the Deer River Substation on County Road 161 and running north along County Road 161 and west along County Road 128 then rejoin the existing alignment. Then the rebuild continues as a single circuit for 4.5 miles to the second reroute. The line turns west for 1000 feet to Minnesota Highway 6 and follows the highway north for 10 miles until again rejoining the existing alignment. The final rebuild then runs 2.5 miles to the Jessie Lake Substation. The map on the back shows the project area and proposed route.

Transmission line construction will generally use single wood poles 65 to 75 feet above ground, placed 300 to 350 feet apart. Specialty poles and longer or shorter spans may be required. Directional changes or angles require guy wires and anchors to stabilize poles. To provide a safe construction, operation and maintenance area, a 100-footwide right of way, 50 feet each side of the centerline, will be cleared of trees and vegetation.

Public open house

A public open house meeting will be held from 4 to 6 p.m. on July 19, 2023, at the Oteneagen Town Hall, 39287 State Highway 6, Deer River MN 56636. No formal presentation will be given, but Great River Energy staff will be available to share project information and answer questions.

Permits and Approvals

  • Great River Energy will work with tribal, local, state, and federal governments to secure any required permits or permissions necessary for the rebuild and relocated areas. Landowners will be invited to an open house to review project details and provide input on the proposed project. Great River Energy will use its existing easement rights for the rebuild portions and acquire new easements for the reroute areas of the project.
Quick facts
  • Length: 19 miles (7-mile rebuild, 12-mile reroute)
  • Voltage: 69-kV (69,000 volts)
  • Structures: Wood poles, 65-75 feet above ground
  • Spans: 300 to 350 feet apart on line construction
  • Right of way: 100-foot-wide right of way; 50 feet on each side of the centerline
  • Notifications
    Summer 2023
  • Permitting
    Summer 2023
  • Easements/Environmental permits
  • Transmission line construction
    January 2025
Project Contacts
Dale Aukee
Great River Energy
Phone: 612-840-4019
Mike Swenson
Great River Energy
Phone: 763-445-5979
Media Contacts
Heather Reinhart
Phone: 763-445-5722