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Safety & EMF

Power line safety

Great River Energy builds and maintains transmission lines to meet or exceed safety requirements outlined in the National Electrical Safety Code and standards from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation.

Please visit electricity safety for guidelines about how to live, work and play safely near power lines.

Are power lines safe in severe weather?

Every effort is made to ensure safety in construction, operation and maintenance of our transmission lines. Power lines are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

How do you monitor the safety of the line?

Great River Energy follows strict transmission line maintenance standards. We inspect lines six times per year by air and once by ground for:

  • Tall-growing trees within the easement area
  • Equipment needing repair or replacement
  • Easement encroachments which are hazardous to safety and reliability
  • Anything that might jeopardize safe, reliable operation of the line

We may need to visit the easement area for these inspections but visits will be minimal and landowners will be contacted prior to inspections or maintenance. However, in cases of emergency, we may be unable to contact you first.

Electric and magnetic fields (EMF)

Staying informed about EMF research efforts by objective, third-party sources is important to Great River Energy. We recognize that people who live or work near power lines may have questions about EMF, and we have employees who work near power lines and substations every day.

What is EMF?

Electric and magnetic fields (EMF) are created by anything that conducts electricity, including transmission lines, household appliances and business equipment. These fields are strongest closest to their source; the farther away you are from the source the less EMF. According to the World Health Organization, scientific evidence does not confirm the existence of any health consequences from exposure to low level electromagnetic fields like those from electricity transmission lines.

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