Power line project FAQs - Great River Energy

Power poles

  • What do transmission poles look like?
  • How tall are they?

Vegetation management

  • Why does Great River Energy need to remove and trim trees?
  • How wide of a clearance is needed?
  • Can I plant a tree near a power line?

Environmental resources

  • Does Great River Energy consider lakes or streams when building new projects?
  • Will birds or other animals be considered?

Safety & EMF

  • Are Great River Energy’s power lines strong enough to withstand severe storms?
  • What is EMF?

Construction & restoration

  • How long does it take to build a power line?
  • Will I have to clean up or replant the grass once you are finished?
  • Can you bury the lines underground?

Need & benefit of projects

  • Why do you need to build new power lines?
  • Who will benefit from a power line?
  • Who decides where new transmission lines are needed?

Other questions

  • What is stray voltage?
  • What about TV interference?


  • Once it is determined a new line is needed, who decides the specific route the power line will follow?
  • Who gets to decide?

Getting involved in the process

  • How can I share my ideas about where the power line should be built?
  • Who is involved in looking at potential routes?

The permitting process

  • Who grants necessary permits to build a new power line?
  • Do you work with the state of Minnesota?
  • Will you talk to our city council?

Easements & rights of way

  • How much will I be paid for hosting a portion of a power line on my land?
  • What is an easement?
  • What is a right of way?

Download our People, Property and Power Lines brochure for more information