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Wind Farm Projects

Purchasing clean power from wind farms across Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Trimont Area Wind Farm

The Trimont Area Wind Farm is in southwestern Minnesota and the farmland beneath the 67 wind turbines is used for growing corn and soybeans.

The project is equipped with 67 General Electric 1.5-MW (megawatt) turbines. Each turbine is 262 feet high at the tower’s hub where 254-foot rotors spin. The total capacity of the 67 turbines is 100 MW of wind energy.

Iberdrola owns and operates the Trimont Area Wind Farm and we’ve purchased the output since the wind farm started operating in November 2005.

Prairie Star Wind Farm

Prairie Star Wind Farm, built in 2007, is in southeastern Minnesota. This site includes approximately 16,000 acres of privately owned land, which is primarily used to grow corn and soybean crops.

The 61 wind turbines, 1.65 MW each, can produce 100 MW of power combined. The Vesta turbines are 265 feet high at the hub with 263-foot rotors.

Horizon Wind Energy is the owner and developer of Prairie Star Wind Farm and we began purchasing the facilities’ output in January 2008.

Elm Creek Wind Power Project

The Elm Creek Wind Power Project is also in southwestern Minnesota. Elm Creek provides electricity to more than 29,000 homes that our member-owner cooperatives serve. The project includes about 9,554 acres of land leased from 56 local corn and soybean farmers who continue to grow crops.

The project is equipped with 66 General Electric 1.5-MW wind turbines. Each turbine is 384 feet high at the tower’s hub with 253-feet rotors.

We have purchased the wind farm’s output since it began operating in November 2008 under an agreement with Iberdrola.

Ashtabula II

In eastern North Dakota, the Ashtabula II Wind Energy Center consists of 80 1.5-MW GE XLE turbines for a nameplate capacity of 120 MW. We purchase 51 MW of power from the facility and began receiving it in August 2010.

Endeavor I Wind Energy Center

In northern Iowa, the Endeavor I Wind Energy Center consists of 40 2.5-MW Clipper Liberty turbines for a nameplate capacity of 100 MW. We began receiving power from the facility in April 2011


The Emmons-Logan wind farm in south central North Dakota is our largest source of renewable power. The 200-MW project provides carbon-free electricity and features more than 80 wind turbines.

We began purchasing power from the facility in late December 2019 under a purchase agreement with NextEra Energy Resources.

  • Deuel Harvest Wind Farm: 200 MW in Deuel County, South Dakota.
  • Buffalo Ridge Wind: 109 MW in Lincoln County, Minnesota.

Other wind energy projects

We also purchase an additional 18 MW of wind energy from three projects located in Chandler, Dodge Center and Jackson County, Minnesota.

Signed wind agreements

  • Three Waters Wind: 280 MW (final number to be determined)
  • Dodge County Wind: 259 MW
  • North Dakota Wind: 400 MW