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Smart electrification: Leaf blowers offer convenience, cleaner air

Certain devices that have traditionally been powered by gasoline now have electric models that offer a host of benefits to cooperative members as well as smart electricity sales for co-ops. This month, Great River News looks at an autumn necessity: the leaf blower.

When looking to make quick work of leaves and debris, the benefits of a battery blower become immediately clear. Choosing a battery-powered tool provides convenience, low maintenance, cleaner air, an easier start, and quieter running noise.

When picking which battery-powered model to go for, focus on the aspects of power and battery operation.

  • Power: Refers to the cubic feet per minute (CFM) and the miles per hour (MPH) of the air that’s being pushed through the nozzle. You want that number to be high if you’re looking for a serious blower. Yard blowers that feature both the ability to move debris (MPH) and keep it moving (CFM) are the ones that will perform the job and be comfortable to operate.
  • Battery operation: The best battery-powered leaf blowers all use rechargeable batteries. Two numbers listed in the product descriptions — ampere hours (Ah) and voltage — will help you know its capabilities under perfect conditions. To simplify, the Ahis the amountof amperage/current that the battery can deliver (based on one hour). A higher number means a higher energy charge, which is a good thing. Voltage can be described as the power that pushes the currentthrough the battery. Again, the higher the better. The two measurements working together help you find the watt battery capacity. Think of watts as a battery’s fuel tank size indicator: The larger the fuel tank, the higher the energy capacity the battery will have.

Electric leaf blowers are lighter, use less energy, create no emissions and operate far quieter than gas-powered options. You can forget about filling a gas can and tugging a cord to start. Electric blowers start with the push of a button.

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