Cambridge Energy Storage Project - Great River Energy

Cambridge Energy Storage Project

Great River Energy collaboration

In 2020 Great River Energy and Form Energy entered a partnership to jointly develop the Cambridge Energy Storage Project, a 1.5-megawatt, grid-connected storage system capable of delivering its rated power continuously for 100 hours — far longer than the four-hour usage period available from utility-scale lithium-ion batteries today.

Located at Great River Energy’s Cambridge peaking plant in Cambridge, Minnesota this collaboration aims to revolutionize energy storage capabilities, and serve as a proof of concept of using multi-day energy storage to improve the resiliency of the electrical grid. The energy storage project is expected to be in operation by the end of 2025. It will be the first commercial deployment of Form Energy’s proprietary multi-day energy storage technology.

About Form Energy

Form Energy is a leading American energy storage technology and manufacturing company dedicated to transforming the energy landscape. With a commitment to sustainable and reliable energy solutions, Form Energy specializes in the development of advanced multi-day energy storage systems that address the challenges of renewable energy integration and grid stability. The following video highlights Form Energy and their iron-air battery technology:

Key objectives

Grid resilience: The Cambridge Energy Storage Project focuses on bolstering the resilience of the power grid. Form Energy’s 100-hour iron-air battery will contribute to maintaining a stable and reliable energy supply, especially during peak demand periods and in the face of renewable energy variability.
Renewable integration: By leveraging Form Energy’s pioneering technology, Great River Energy seeks to seamlessly integrate new renewable energy sources into the grid. This approach aligns with Great River Energy’s strategy to comply with Minnesota’s carbon-free electricity standard while keeping electric service reliable.
Community impact: By ensuring a reliable power supply and supporting clean energy initiatives, Form Energy and Great River Energy aim to contribute to the overall well-being and sustainability of the region.

Project status

● The Cambridge Energy Storage Project is currently in the engineering and design phase and will be manufactured at Form Factory 1, Form Energy’s new high-volume battery manufacturing facility currently under construction in Weirton, West Virginia.
● Upon completion of manufacturing milestones, Great River Energy will begin site preparation for the installation of the Cambridge Energy Storage Project followed by construction and commissioning.