Fleet review leads to business savings - Great River Energy

Fleet review leads to business savings

Great River Energy’s transmission construction and maintenance (TC&M) team performed an internal audit of the cooperative’s fleet data records and conducted an extensive overview of its fleet assets, which led to the determination that more than 50 assets were no longer serving Great River Energy’s needs.

These included items such as trucks, trailers, specialized pieces of equipment, snowmobiles, four wheelers and dump trucks. These fleet assets were items Great River Energy no longer had a use for, were spare equipment that was no longer needed or had maintenance expenses that outweighed the benefit of keeping them around.

TC&M worked with the cooperative’s purchasing department this summer to ensure there was a streamlined sale for Great River Energy to receive the best value for each asset.

Matt Reule, manager of TC&M, said the process was a major overhaul and the data refresh will help save Great River Energy money and time. The sale of the 50 assets credited Great River Energy $115,000 and the estimated annual cost savings associated are projected to be in excess of $20,000.

“These actions have and will continue reducing recurring expenses associated with annual inspections, maintenance and registration,” Reule said, adding that the available resource hours will be utilized on assets that Great River Energy needs to construct and maintain the electric system.

Up next, Great River Energy is setting clear replacement criteria for all the remaining assets and conducting a deep analysis into specifications for new assets.

“We’re also reviewing criteria for what we need. This will ensure the future purchases we make have the correct components to meet our business needs,” Reule said. “We’re excited and this has just been the start of it — cleaning up what we have.”

Great River Energy is also reviewing fleet data management software options to see how it can best manage fleet data in a user-friendly fashion.

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