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Great River Energy helps falcons spread their wings

Four young falcons were banded at Great River Energy’s Elk River location on May 30. Representatives from the Raptor Resource Project conducted the banding with help from employees.

Kelsey Rayment, veterinarian resident for the Raptor Resource Project, collected blood and saliva samples from each of the young falcons to test for the presence of avian flu. Three males and one female were named (Jesse, Samuel, Talon and Janeen, respectively) and given band identification.

The identification numbers are recorded in the Midwest Peregrine Society database to track the young in their travels and their future nesting sites.

Great River Energy’s Elk River, Minnesota, nesting box is a perfect site for a nesting box because it is located in a migratory flyway. The site, beside the Mississippi River, is also a draw because the birds prefer to nest in high locations near water.

Great River Energy, with the help of an Eagle Scout and the Raptor Resource Project, first installed the nesting box in 2006. Since then, 50 young falcons have fledged from the Elk River location. A few of those falcons have been spotted around Minnesota.

You can still watch the falcons through Great River Energy’s birdcam here.

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