Employees offer emergency assistance - Great River Energy

Employees offer emergency assistance

Employees who are trained and equipped on life saving skills are essential. As a cooperative that serves much of rural Minnesota, Great River Energy employees are strategically located to ensure fast restoration of power and can assist in emergency situations, if called upon. Two employees went above and beyond in separate emergency situations and were recognized at a recent transmission division meeting.

Robby Houle, senior surveyor, was driving to work when he saw a vehicle drive off the road and roll. He was the first on the scene and called 911 to report the incident. He helped the driver out of her car and stayed with her until emergency vehicles arrived.

Jay Driver, leader, technical services, was also driving when he acted quickly during a separate incident to help someone in an emergency. A driver had hit a leaf blower, which caused their car to ignite on fire. Driver backed the car off the leaf blower to prevent further damage and used a fire extinguisher from his Great River Energy truck to put out the fire.

Both received level 2 Good Neighbor Awards, which means they did more than make a simple radio call or momentary stop. The Good Neighbor Program is a volunteer community service program that offers a helping hand, along with more sets of attentive eyes and ears, in the communities Great River Energy serves. Great River Energy employees are encouraged to call 911, use first aid and CPR to sustain life and minimize injury, use cellphones or two-way radios to call for services, remain at the emergency scene and report any questionable activities to the proper authorities.

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