Employees install nest box for falcons - Great River Energy

Employees install nest box for falcons

Work to provide a new home to the peregrine falcons who usually nest at Elk River Energy Recovery Station has begun.

With decommissioning of the Elk River power plant underway, employees chose a new site for the falcons to return to for their typical nesting period from mid-February through March, depending on weather patterns.

Line technicians from Great River Energy’s Big Lake transmission service center set a pole with a platform, nest box and camera on a hill atop the cooperative’s native prairie, adjacent to the power plant.

The project’s next phase of work involves getting the camera that will monitor the falcons’ nesting activities operational. After this is completed, the falcons are expected to occupy the nest box.

The Elk River Energy Recovery Station was taken out of service in 2019 and is being decommissioned.

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