Sponsorship guidelines - Great River Energy

Sponsorship guidelines

Great River Energy proactively supports a broad range of community-based events and programs through sponsorships. The following guidelines ensure appropriate alignment between sponsorships and our business and community relations goals and strategies.

The sponsorships we participate in generally meet the following criteria:

  • Effectively reaches Great River Energy’s communities, key stakeholders and other target audiences within our areas of operation
  • Provides opportunities to educate attendees and participants about Great River Energy, its member cooperatives and energy issues, or provides opportunities for employee involvement (volunteering, participation)
  • Demonstrates its ability to provide mutually beneficial sponsorship outcomes and community relations value
  • Includes promotional value of Great River Energy’s name and logo

Priority sponsorship categories

Great River Energy’s sponsorships generally fall under one of the following categories:

  • Great River Energy community sponsorships: Great River Energy is committed to supporting the communities in which we operate. We will consider sponsorships for areas where Great River Energy has facilities.
  • Co-op community sponsorships: There are times when sponsorship opportunities are specific to one of our member-owner cooperative communities. In these instances, we will always give first opportunity to the member-owner cooperative to participate and then, when requested, will review the opportunity to match the cooperative’s sponsorship investment.
  • Business & industry related sponsorships: Occasionally, there are sponsorship opportunities within the electric utility industry. Sponsorship requests for these opportunities will be considered based on their impact on Great River Energy’s communities and its member consumers.

Great River Energy will not sponsor

  • Fundraising dinners, raffles, carnivals, festivals and tournaments
  • Graduation parties, proms, banquets and other celebration events
  • Travel, either by groups or individuals
  • Religious, political or sectarian events
  • Individuals
  • Prize money