Leader discusses safety at peaking station - Great River Energy

Leader discusses safety at peaking station

Great River Energy Vice President and Chief Power Supply Officer Jon Brekke recently visited the cooperative’s Cambridge Peaking Station where he met with employees to speak about mindfulness and safety.

Great River Energy leaders regularly visit worksites to gain a better understanding about work happening in the field, provide an opportunity for employees to share challenges or ask questions, and for employees to highlight safety improvements they have identified and implemented.

In Cambridge, Brekke talked about how easy it is to become distracted and the importance of focusing on the job in the moment.

“Safety hazards can be identified if we focus on being present in the moment,” Brekke said. “A few moments of mindfulness can help you regain focus and put you back into the right mindset to complete the task at hand.”

Brekke said being mindful of yourself and those around you is critical to complete any job safely.

Brian Guimont, peaking plant operator technician, said having a leader that supports safety is important to the success of the business.

“We are all in this together and our leadership provides us with the resources we need to ensure we can do our work safely,” Guimont said. “We are all empowered to say something if we see something.”

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