Recreation - Great River Energy


When the weather is nice, we want to get outside and play. You can enjoy many recreational activities near power lines but some activities require caution. Be careful when flying kites, hunting or building fires near power lines. Additionally, never climb towers, fences or any other structure near a power line or substation. During a lightning storm, stay away from all tall objects.

Can I play with a kite or a model plane near a power line?

No. Here are some rules to follow:

  • Do not fly kites or model planes near any power line.
  • Always fly kites and planes so the wind carries them away from power lines, television and radio antennas.
  • Call Great River Energy or your electric utility if a kite or plane becomes snagged in a power line. DO NOT pull the string or climb a tower or pole to get it down.
  • If a plane is caught in the line, let go of the control line immediately and call your electric utility for assistance. DO NOT attempt to retrieve it yourself.

Can I hunt in areas where there is a power line?

Power lines cross many remote areas so be sure to look for them before aiming or firing a gun. Additionally, shooting at power lines is illegal. Shooting insulators or conductors can break a wire or cause an electrical discharge or arc through the air.

If you see a broken power line, DO NOT touch it. Stay away from it and call 911.

Can I burn leaves, have a bonfire, or use my fire pit under a power line?

Fires should not be started under a power line for two reasons:

  • A fire could damage the poles or wires and result in an outage.
  • It is possible that the power line could flash to the ground through hot air and smoke, which is a serious safety hazard.

What about lightning storms?

During storms, stay away from ALL tall objects including transmission line towers and trees. They are dangerous because lightning tends to strike the highest point in an area and travels through it to reach the ground.