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Machinery and vehicles

One of the most important rules to follow when working around power lines with tall equipment is simple: LOOK UP! Know where the power lines are and stay away from them. Equipment that can be extended, such as a grain elevator or stack mower, requires the utmost care when operating near a power line.

How can farm equipment and other machinery be safely operated near power lines?

If you are considering operating a vehicle within a height greater than 14 feet, please contact your local electric utility or Great River Energy. Be sure to call first even if it appears the line has clearance exceeding 14 feet. And always remember:

  • Physical contact with a power line is extremely hazardous and may cause a lethal shock. Equipment SHOULD NOT be operated under a power line in a manner that would cause contact or near-contact with the wires.
  • DO NOT lift, elevate, build or pass under a power line any object, implement or vehicle that may make contact or near-contact with the wires.
  • To help prevent arc flashing, it is recommended that equipment, antennas and people stay at least 15 feet away from any energized power line wire.
  • Equipment that can be extended, such as a stack mower or grain elevator, requires the utmost care when in the vicinity of a power line.

Can I put fuel in my machinery safely near a power line?

Fueling vehicles under a transmission line is not recommended. If you must fuel a vehicle under a line, both the fuel container and the vehicle should be grounded in order to eliminate any source of sparks.