Murals add vibrancy to neighborhood - Great River Energy

Murals add vibrancy to neighborhood

North Minneapolis is becoming more colorful thanks to a mural project funded in part by a Great River Energy subsidiary.

Mural at the Market was created by community partners with a vision to bring vibrancy and attract new potential to the Minneapolis Farmers Market area. Young artists from Juxtaposition Arts in North Minneapolis are currently working on the first in a series of murals that will be painted live on weekends throughout the summer.

The first mural fittingly suits the setting, featuring farm produce as well as urban structures.

“I think this area has always had … this push and pull between being like an agricultural space and living space,” said Berekt Adamu, one of the mural’s artists. “I think what the actual initiative is, is to show how they can both co-exist together.”

Among the project’s funders and supporters is GRE HERC Services, a subsidiary of Great River Energy that operates the waste-to-energy Hennepin Energy Recovery Center (HERC) in downtown Minneapolis. As a cooperative, Great River Energy has a vested interest in the vitality of the communities it serves and where it has facilities, such as HERC.

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