Building bright futures - Great River Energy

Building bright futures

Great River Energy’s intern program offers hands-on opportunities

Another summer of Great River Energy’s annual internship program recently concluded with a day of presentations that highlighted all the work accomplished by the interns and what they learned.

The cooperative expanded its program this year to include 23 interns from 11 different schools. The program provides interns with exposure to the energy industry in divisions such as corporate and member services, information technology, transmission and power supply. It also helps Great River Energy establish relationships with schools, educational programs and talented students.

The program emphasizes each intern’s growth and development, ensuring they have ample opportunities to enhance their professional and personal skills. Beyond the day-to-day work done by interns, they attended networking sessions and panel discussions as well as specialized events such as a tutorial on geographic information systems/drone technology. Interns also received a tour of Great River Energy’s Elk River location.

In addition to its summer program, Great River Energy offers year-round internships that allow students to balance their work and education. With a minimum work requirement of 10-15 hours per week during the school year, students can fulfill their academic commitments while gaining valuable professional experience to the benefit of both the intern and the cooperative.

“I value the unique perspectives and fresh ideas that interns bring to the table,” said Heather Bittle, talent and outreach partner and internship coordinator. “They bring new energy and introduce innovative technologies. Great River Energy gains a great deal from our interns, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.”

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