Great River Energy is a not-for-profit electric cooperative owned by its 28 member-owner cooperatives. We generate and transmit electricity for those members, located in the outer-ring suburbs of the Twin Cities up to the Arrowhead region of Minnesota and down to the farmland region in the southwestern portion of the state.

Our cooperative structure has proven to be central to our continued success in delivering on our mission. Collaboration with our members, stakeholders, community leaders and employees has made us the strong and respected organization we are.

Like other cooperatives, Great River Energy exists to serve its membership and is dedicated to helping the communities in which it operates. We are member-controlled and governed by a democratically elected board of directors who are electric cooperative members themselves. Board members establish rates and develop policies in the best interest of Great River Energy and its members.

Collectively, our member-owner cooperatives serve approximately 700,000 member-consumers — or about 1.7 million people. We are the second largest electric power supplier in Minnesota. Great River Energy offers more than 3,500 megawatts of generation capability that consists of a diverse mix of baseload and peaking power plants, including coal and natural gas, as well as wind and solar generation.

Great River Energy owns and operates nearly 4,600 miles of transmission line and owns or partly owns more than 100 transmission substations. Our 750+ employees are dedicated to serving our member cooperatives with integrity and accountability in an environmentally sensitive manner. It’s the nature of being a cooperative.

Our vision

Innovate, collaborate and lead to competitively power the future

Our mission

Provide member-owners with affordable, reliable energy in harmony with a sustainable environment

Our triple bottom line

Great River Energy is dedicated to serving our 28 member cooperatives. We conduct our business in a cost-effective manner and ensure our members benefit from our efficient power generation resources and reliable transmission system. Our sound environmental policy also contributes to our competitive strength and drives our decision-making.

Great River Energy has adopted a decision-making formula that gives equal importance to our three highest priorities: affordable rates, reliable service and environmental stewardship— it’s called our triple bottom line. Every decision we make as an organization is carefully evaluated and held up to these three standards by working to balance each.

These priorities serve as guiding principles for all of our actions. Our organization will do nothing for rates and reliability without assessing environmental implications. But, by the same token, we won’t do anything for the environment without fully considering the impact on rates and reliability. Ultimately, it is about conducting business in a way that benefits both sustainability and the bottom-line.

In other words, everything we do as a company is for the good of our members… and our world.

Proud to be a Touchstone Energy Cooperative

tec-color-2A nationwide alliance of member-owned electric co-ops, Touchstone Energy Cooperatives collectively, deliver power and energy solutions to more than 750 unified local electric cooperatives across 46 states, forming the largest electric utility in the country.

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