Cover of 2020 ESG/Sustainability summaryAt Great River Energy, we are deeply committed to sustainability. We help build strong communities and empower our employees and their families live healthy and productive lives while protecting the environment for current and future generations. This commitment is demonstrated in our triple bottom line of rates, reliability, and environment and realized through solid social and environmental practices and policies.

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Sustainability has been at the heart of our organization since we were formed in 1999. We always work to provide our member-owner cooperatives with safe, reliable and affordable energy with concern for community and environmental stewardship for current and future generations.

We recognize that sustainability is increasingly important to our employees, investors, the communities we work in and serve and to our members. As a result Great River Energy recently formed a sustainability team. This team will work to coordinate, develop, promote and monitor our sustainability efforts. The sustainability team’s mission is to promote and enhance a culture of sustainability at Great River Energy. The team is currently focused on identifying metrics to track our sustainability performance and goals to drive increasing performance.

The following pages highlight Great River Energy’s sustainability efforts in 2019 and early 2020 as well as our plans for beyond.

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What it means to be a cooperative

Concern for community

Taking care of our employees

Sparking an interest in energy careers

Environmental stewardship

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Beneficial electrification