Helping co-ops in crisis: Board pledges $25,000 for Hurricane Ian recovery - Great River Energy

Helping co-ops in crisis: Board pledges $25,000 for Hurricane Ian recovery

Cooperatives are built on the principle that a group of people united for a common cause is a powerful force. This is especially true when a cooperative must recover from a natural disaster.

Great River Energy’s board of directors recently pledged $25,000 to the Florida Electric Cooperatives Association to aid in the relief effort for co-op employees and their families facing significant damage following Hurricane Ian.

“Electric cooperatives are one family. When any membership, anywhere is in crisis, we all feel the responsibility to help. Our members have certainly benefited from the kindness and generosity of our fellow cooperatives following tornadoes and winter storms.”

— David Saggau, Great River Energy’s president and chief executive officer

Hurricane Ian damaged or destroyed many homes in Florida, and employees of electric cooperatives — who spent more than a week supporting power restoration efforts — are among those facing years of rebuilding.

“This storm impacted multiple Florida co-ops from south Florida to the Georgia line. Just like the communities they serve, co-op employees were also impacted, but still persevered and continued working to restore power to their co-op members,” said Mike Bjorklund, general manager for the Florida Electric Cooperatives Association.

As Hurricane Ian swept through Florida, and throughout the storm recovery period, cooperative staff members remained committed to serving members, regardless of personal losses.

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