A partner that cares: Sustainability at Great River Energy - Great River Energy

A partner that cares: Sustainability at Great River Energy

As a cooperative, Great River Energy is deeply committed to sustainability through solid environmental policies and practices and helping to build strong communities.

Sustainability has been at the heart of the organization since it was formed in 1999. Great River Energy strives to provide its member-owner cooperatives with affordable, reliable energy in harmony with a sustainable environment.

Great River Energy provides energy through a diverse portfolio of power supply resources and a dependable transmission system, all of which serve the region’s energy market. The cooperative committed to reaching 50% renewable energy by 2030 and is on schedule to reach that goal.

One of the ways Great River Energy employees exemplify the co-op’s commitment to sustainability is through volunteerism during its annual Week of Service.

As a business model, cooperatives are designed to support their communities. Great River Energy employees embody this concern for community principle by regularly rallying their peers to raise funds or dedicate time to important causes. Over time, that culture of community adds up to a meaningful and lasting impact.

Some examples of sustainability in action at Great River Energy:

  • 2% of income donated to community causes
  • Employee volunteerism through a dedicated Week of Service, Habitat for Humanity and more
  • Nearly $80,000 raised for nonprofits through the 2019 employee giving campaign
  • Environmental management systems and ISO 14001 registration
  • Food, book, supply and blood drives
  • Economic development efforts in member-owner cooperative service territories
  • Community-based sponsorships and contributions
  • DryFining™, a lignite fuel enhancement process making coal cleaner and more efficient
  • A culture of safety

“We’re deeply committed to sustainability,” said Erik Heinen, Great River Energy’s environmental and sustainability administrator. “More and more, individuals and companies are expecting that their power providers have a clear commitment to the environment, the communities they live in and serve, and their employees. We want to continue to provide our cooperatives’ end-use consumers and commercial and industrial members with affordable, reliable power in a sustainable manner.”

Great River Energy has delivered on its commitment to sustainability for more than 20 years and will continue to do so for the benefit of its member-owner cooperatives and the communities they serve.

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