Peregrine falcon birdcam

Great River Energy hosts a peregrine falcon nesting box atop Elk River Energy Recovery Station. This is a perfect site for a nesting box because it is located in a peregrine falcon migratory flyway. The site, beside the Mississippi River, is also a draw because the birds prefer to nest in high locations near water.

May 11, 2016:

We are sad to report that we do not expect the peregrine falcon eggs in the nest box to hatch as they are long overdue. Several factors could lead to this type of outcome; they could have frozen during an early-spring cold period or they could be infertile. It is Great River Energy’s policy to not interfere with the natural occurrences in the peregrine falcon nesting box.

We have decided to turn off our birdcam until the 2017 season.

Thank you to all of our faithful birdcam viewers!

April 2016:

  • The same pair of peregrine falcons returned to the Elk River nest box in early March
  • The female laid four eggs in late March
  • Female falcon: Mary Ellen 11/X
  • Male falcon: Brooklyn 65/M

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A note for our birdcam viewers

This is live video of wild birds in the natural process of raising their young. Great River Energy will not, nor do we condone, any interference with this nest while it is occupied. However, we do work with the Raptor Resource Project to band any young peregrines at the appropriate time.