Frequently asked questions about power lines and projects

Providing reliable electric service to our member cooperatives sometimes requires us to upgrade existing transmission lines or build new lines. We also must continuously keep the area around power lines clear. If there is an existing or proposed power line in your area, we understand you may have questions. If you do not find the information you are looking for here, send an email to: projects@grenergy.com orĀ view our brochure.

Information about proposed projects is available under projects.

Power poles

What do transmission poles look like? How tall are they?

Tree removal and vegetation management

Why do you need to remove and trim trees? How wide of a clearance do you need? Is it safe to plant trees after you are finished building the line?

Environmental resources

Do you consider lakes or streams when you are building new projects? Will birds or other animals be considered?

Safety and EMF

Are the power lines strong enough to withstand severe storms? What is EMF?

Construction and restoration

How long does it take to build a power line? Will I have to clean up or replant the grass once you are finished? Can you bury the lines underground?

Other questions

What is stray voltage? What about TV interference?

Need and benefit of projects

Why do you need to build new power lines? Who will benefit from a power line? Who decides where new transmission lines are needed?


Once it is determined a new line is needed, who decides the specific route the power line will follow? Who gets to decide?

Getting involved in the process

How can I share my ideas about where the power line should be built? Who is involved in looking at potential routes?

The permitting process

Who grants Great River Energy the necessary permits to build a new power line? Do you work with the state of Minnesota? Will you talk to our city council?

Easements and rights of way

How much will I be paid for hosting a portion of a power line on my land? What is an easement? What is a right of way?