Electric vehicles

Great River Energy sees utility role in electric vehicles

As a cooperative, Great River Energy is motivated by listening to and providing services for our member-owners and their consumers. So when we noticed a growing interest in plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs), we decided to explore the technology and our potential role in that market.

Check out this video about EV charging stations at Tettegouche State Park!

What we discovered after our initial research efforts is the important role PEVs will play in increasing energy security, improving fuel economy, lowering consumers’ overall fuel costs and reducing emissions.

We also believe that electric utilities play an intrinsic role in consumers’ consideration of PEVs as a personal transportation option. Fleet electrification may also prove beneficial for business and industry.

Benefits to members

We are already looking at ways to make it easier for consumers to drive electric vehicles, and currently offer rebates for residential charging stations that encourage off-peak or time-of-use vehicle charging. This strategy enables consumers to use more electricity during night-time hours when prices are typically lower and when the electricity is frequently produced from the region’s abundant wind resources.

Great River Energy offers RevoltTM, a first-of-its-kind program that allows cooperative members to upgrade the electricity used to fuel their PEVs to wind energy at no additional cost. While the PEVs enrolled in Revolt will be powered by wind energy, standard or off-peak rates still apply for electricity used to charge them. This program extends to members who already own or lease a PEV and members who purchase or lease a PEV.

Learn more about Revolt at: mnrevolt.com

We are also looking at what it takes to develop PEV charging infrastructure in greater Minnesota. We have two PEV chargers for public use at our Maple Grove headquarters and a number of Level 1 charging ports for employees. Great River Energy is proud to have been accepted as a Department of Energy Workplace Challenge partner.

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Stakeholder engagement, partnerships and research

We think it’s important to listen to a variety of stakeholders and are participating in Drive Electric Minnesota, a coalition of groups that work collaboratively to bring electric vehicles and plug-in charging infrastructure here. We look forward to helping promote and develop a robust PEV market in Minnesota.