Generation innovation

Generating cleaner energy through innovation

At Great River Energy, we’re actively preparing for the future of energy production through innovative technologies, while continuing to provide reliable, affordable electric service to our members.

DryFiningTM fuel enhancement system

The DryFining fuel enhancement process developed by Great River Energy refines or beneficiates lignite coal through a thermal drying and mechanical segregation process. Drying utilizes residual or waste heat to raise the heating value of the coal per pound.

Combined heat and power

Providing more than electricity – Combined heat and power plants are highly energy efficient because they generate two primary products – electricity and steam. Our Spiritwood Station supplies steam to nearby industrial operators.


Along with our member cooperatives we’ve constructed 650 kilowatts of solar energy installations throughout the state of Minnesota and a 2.25 megawatt Dickinson Solar Project for Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association.

Recognition for our efforts: