ISO registered facilities

Environmental management systems and ISO 14001 registrations

Great River Energy has developed and implemented environmental management systems (EMS) that cover operations at our power generation facilities and our entire transmission division. The latest revision of ISO 14001 standards is designed to help companies align their environmental management systems with the strategic direction set by company leadership. Prior standards effectively confirmed that organizations followed proper procedures and kept appropriate records. The new standard requires companies like Great River Energy to show actual and measurable environmental improvements as a result of their adherence to ISO 14001 standards.

An EMS is a system of:

  • Analyzing environmental aspects
  • Identifying regulatory requirements and procedures
  • Evaluating compliance
  • Focusing on continuous improvement

The benefits of an EMS include:

  • Standardized operational procedures
  • Consistent performance
  • Decreased risk of environmental harm
  • Non-compliance prevention to avoid civil or criminal penalties

Having an EMS is the foundation of our environmental compliance strategy. Maintaining an EMS helps the corporate Environmental Services Department coordinate Great River Energy’s operational and administrative functions into a system that is compliant with regulatory requirements.

Having an EMS registered to the ISO 14001 standard provides a structure and auditing system that helps to ensure environmental compliance and creates a culture of environmental compliance and awareness. To obtain ISO 14001 registration, an EMS must be evaluated through a series of audits. The audits are valuable tools for verifying compliance and showing continuous improvement.