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BE-WCT 69-kV transmission line reroute

Great River Energy is proposing to relocate approximately 2.5 miles of its “BE-WCT” 69-kV transmission line near the crossing of the Blue Earth River due to bank erosion caused by persistent flooding. The “BE-WCT” line runs west from Amboy and supplies power to the Willow Creek Substation owned by BENCO Electric Cooperative.

The Blue Earth River is experiencing some dramatic erosion and is endangering the integrity of the existing transmission line. Great River Energy relocated poles in 2015 due to erosion, these poles are again being threatened. The continued flooding and bank erosion have made it necessary to find a new path across the Blue Earth River.

Quick facts
  • Length: 2.25 miles
  • Voltage: 69 kV
  • Structures: Wood poles
  • Spans: 350 to 400 feet apart
  • Right of way: 70-foot-wide right of way; 35 feet on each side of the centerline.
  • Easements
    Fall 2020
  • Construction
    Fall 2021
Project Contacts
Dale Aukee
Great River Energy
Phone: 612-840-4019
Marsha Parlow
Great River Energy
Phone: 612-345-1212
Media Contacts
Lori Buffington
Phone: 763-445-5714
Twitter: @lbuffing