Security summit fosters cooperative collaboration

The increased connectivity provided by the internet has vastly changed the way we live our daily lives and the way we all do business. While most aspects of the internet are positive – like accomplishing things more quickly and efficiently, and having access from anywhere at any time – what we often forget to think about is that “the internet of things” also makes us more vulnerable.

On Sept. 23, Great River Energy hosted member cooperative professionals for a security summit that focused on cyber and physical security best practices from throughout the industry.

Great River Energy Vice President and Chief Information Officer Jim Jones set the stage for the day by speaking about the rapidly changing industry, noting how the pace of digital technology changes has drastically accelerated over the past 10 years.

“One of the biggest challenges ahead of us all is keeping up with cybersecurity. It demands our attention,” Jones said. “We want to engage our membership to collaborate and learn from each other. We want to take advantage of the capabilities and solutions that we and our members possess to address this fast-paced challenge”

The group heard from a computer forensics specialist, member cooperatives, a special agent from the FBI and Great River Energy subject matter experts. Some of the key takeaways focused on vulnerability, collaboration and that the “human element” is our best defense.