Safety is Personal: Leaders convene to share and brainstorm

At the center of every employee’s job at Great River Energy is a commitment to working safely. Every employee, regardless of position, is encouraged and empowered to speak up when they see hazards or ways to improve safety.

Acting on those comments, Great River Energy’s leaders work with their teams to create a culture of innovation and safety. They greatly influence the cooperative’s safety culture. Promoting a strong safety culture is a key responsibility for all Great River Energy leaders, regardless of where their teams work — whether in the plant, field or office.

“There is no greater influencer on our culture of safety than our leaders as they set the tone for our employees,” said Great River Energy’s President and CEO David Saggau.

Twelve leaders met virtually for a half-day focus group to discuss and identify areas in the cooperative that live out its value of safety.

Twelve leaders met virtually March 22 for a half-day focus group to discuss and identify areas in the cooperative that live out its value of safety. The day was designed to share those best practices and further strengthen the culture of safety.

During the session, leaders discussed how they take safety personally and how their teams take safety personally as they work. They also discussed the tools and resources they use to help foster a strong safety culture in their teams with the goal of identifying tools or improvements that Great River Energy could scale to the rest of the cooperative.

Safety is Personal evolution

Originally launched in 2014, Great River Energy’s Safety is Personal campaign has taken many forms over the years.

The campaign began by featuring employees sharing why they take safety personally (e.g., because they love their families, they enjoy certain hobbies or for their teams and their future). Another year, the campaign built awareness around distracted driving. And in 2019, Great River Energy’s senior staff shared how they take safety personally in their lives outside of work.

The campaign is evolving yet again. This year’s focus will be on how leaders take safety personally at work by highlighting best practices and their commitment to safety.