Runestone reaches $1 million in community support

Over the course of several years, lots of tiny donations can add up and make a huge difference in the community.

By rounding their electricity bills up to the nearest dollar, Runestone Electric Association’s (REA) members raised $1 million to support important community organizations through a program called Operation Round Up.

Over the past 17 years, Operation Round Up funds have helped youth and senior organizations, food shelves, community organizations, emergency responders and more. The dollars are distributed by the REA Trust Board.

“On behalf of the REA Trust Board, I want to thank all REA members who agree to have their electric bills rounded up to the nearest dollar,” said REA Trust Board Chairman Rod Borden. “It’s amazing how much good can come from just a few cents per month.”

How it works

Electric cooperatives across the country participate in Operation Round Up. The cooperative rounds up the electric bills of participating members to the nearest dollar amount. On average, a member will contribute about $6 a year.

Contribution recipients from Runestone Electric Association’s Operation Round Up program celebrated the cooperative’s $1 million community support milestone. Pictured are (left to right) Robin from the Grant County Humane Society, Kathryn from the Alexandria Senior Center, Bob from the Grant County Historical Society and Ruth from AAUP.