Great River Energy proposes to build and operate approximately 16.5 miles of new 115-kilovolt (kV) overhead transmission line in southern Cass County, eastern Todd County, and northern Morrison County to ensure the reliability of electric service to the members of Crow Wing Power (CWP). As a component of this project, additional circuit breakers will be added to the existing Dog Lake Substation along with ½ mile of new 115-kV transmission line for system reliability.

 State permitting process

Visit the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission’s eDockets website anytime to view notices, filings, letters submitted by landowners, correspondence from Great River Energy and more. Select 14 in the “year” field. For the Certificate of Need docket, enter 853 in the “number” field. Then click above on the search button.

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Quick facts

Structure: Primarily wood poles
Right of Way: 100-foot-wide right of way. 50 feet on each side of the centerline
Voltage: 115 kV
Spans: 250 to 400 feet apart
Energization: August 2017
Length: Approximately 16.5 miles
Permits: The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission must issue a Certificate of Need and a Route Permit before the project can proceed

Public Meetings

Representatives of Great River Energy and Crow Wing Power held an open house meeting on Sept. 23, 2014, at the Motley United Methodist Church to provide information about the proposed project and heard feedback.





Started January 2017



Other Info

Project was placed in service in August 2017

Permitting/ environmental approvals

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission issued an order granting the Certificate of Need and Route Permit March 23, 2016.

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission held a hearing in St. Paul Feb. 19, 2016, and the east route was approved.

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission and the Department of Commerce held a scoping meeting on May 19, 2015.

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission and the Department of Commerce held an Administrative Law Judge hearing on Nov. 19, 2015.

Great River Energy submitted a Certificate of Need/Route Permit application in March 2015.

Great River Energy held an open house meeting Sept. 23 to provide information and gather feedback from the public and property owners in the areas of the proposed route.


Project contacts

Rick Heuring
Senior Field Representative

Marsha Parlow
Transmission Permitting Analyst

Media contacts

If you are with the media, please contact:

Jennifer Mattson
Twitter: @jennymmattson

Lori Buffington
Twitter: @lbuffing