Lebanon Hills Area 115-kV Project

Great River Energy is proposing improvements to the transmission system in Eagan, Minn., to accommodate future reconfiguration of Great River Energy’s Pilot Knob Substation and upgrades to the existing 69-kilovolt (kV) system. The Lebanon Hills Project will be constructed as described below:

  • Rebuild the existing Dakota Electric Association Lebanon Hills Substation to facilitate 115-kV service.
  • Rebuild approximately 0.85 mile of the existing Great River Energy DA-LE 69-kV transmission line to a 115-kV double circuit along Cliff Road.
  • Rebuild approximately 0.5 mile of Xcel Energy’s existing 69-kV “0703” line to 115-kV double circuit line in Eagan.

These improvements, along with a small project in Burnsville, will allow Great River Energy to retire multiple miles of its 69-kV lines in the area, and will result in more reliable electric service for the area, provide the framework for 115-kV operations in the future, and provide the transmission infrastructure necessary to allow reconfiguration/improvement of Great River Energy’s Pilot Knob Substation after these improvements are complete.

Commitment to community

Great River Energy is working collaboratively with Dakota County Parks staff to come to an agreement about how to best serve Lebanon Hills Regional Park. In lieu of typical easement compensation, Great River Energy has offered Dakota County Parks:

  • Planting pollinator friendly habitat within the rebuilt double circuit 115-kV transmission line easement area that traverses the park along Cliff Road.
  • In partnership with Xcel Energy, Great River Energy would retire and remove 1 mile of existing 69-kV, overhead transmission line and towers currently owned by Xcel Energy (line 0703). This would include removing all above ground transmission structures and lines that run through the middle of Lebanon Hills Regional Park, from Cliff Road south to 120th street west.
  • Great River Energy would release all electric line rights associated with the Xcel Energy transmission line back to Dakota County.  This results in a net decrease of about 2.1 acres of electric line easements within Lebanon Hills Regional Park.

Great River Energy will continue to work with the Park board to best serve the needs of Lebanon Hills Regional Park and the project.

The project’s other benefits to the Eagan community include:

  • Replacing older, larger footprint transmission structures (Xcel Energy) with self-supporting utility poles.
  • Converting the Lebanon Hills Substation from 69 kV to 115 kV, which will improve the reliability to existing customers, accommodate new load growth and facilitate economic development in the area.
  • Eventually retiring approximately 8.5 miles of 69-kV transmission line in the Eagan area, resulting in fewer transmission miles and more reliable 115-kV service.

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Quick Facts

Transmission line length: 1.35 miles
Voltage: 115 kV
Structures: 60 to 90-foot tall single wood or steel poles
Span length: 200 to 400 feet apart
Right-of-way width: 70 feet, 35 feet on each side of the transmission line
Permits: CUP from city of Eagan; Dakota County Parks and Highway Departments

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Public meeting

Representatives of Great River Energy and Dakota Electric Association, hosted an open house meeting on Nov. 28, 2017. They provided information about the proposed project and listened to landowners.








Other Info

Local Permitting October 2017 - November 2017

Permitting/Environmental Approvals

Great River Energy received approval of a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for this project from the City of Eagan in June 2018. During this permitting process, the public provided feedback and had the opportunity to comment at several stages during the permitting process.

Project Contacts

Dan Lesher
Leader, Transmission Permitting & Compliance

Rick Heuring
Sr. Field Representative

Media Contacts

Jennifer Mattson
Twitter: @jennymmattson

Lori Buffington
Twitter: @lbuffing