Elko New Market and Cleary Lake Areas transmission project

Great River Energy, power supplier to Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative and 27 other Minnesota cooperatives, proposes a transmission upgrade project in Scott and Rice counties. The proposed project includes building a new double circuit transmission line approximately 5.4 miles long and rebuilding approximately 11.5 miles of existing transmission line. This project is not part of the CapX2020 projects.

Benefits include:

  • Reduce risk of problems associated with low voltage and overloading
  • Provide the capacity needed for economic development and growth in use of electricity

State permitting process

You can visit the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission eDockets website anytime to view notices, filings, letters submitted by landowners, correspondence from Great River Energy and more. Select 12 in the “year” field and enter 1235 in the “number” field. Then click above on the Search button.

Quick Facts

Structure: Wood poles
Right of Way: 70-foot-wide right of way. 35 feet on either side of the centerline
Voltage: 115 kV
Spans: 250 to 400 feet
Energization: Summer 2016
Length: Approximately 17 miles
Permits: Minnesota Public Utilities Commission permitting process

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Public meetings

There are no additional public meetings planned for this project. Meetings that were held are referenced below.



Fall 2014 through spring 2015


Summer 2016


Summer 2016 through fall 2016

Other Info

The project is complete

Permitting/Environmental Approvals

On July 10, 2014, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission approved a Certificate of Need and Route Permit for the project.

On October 1, 2013, EFP staff held environmental scoping meetings to provide information and gather feedback from the public on the scope of the Environmental Assessment (EA).

Great River Energy held two open house meetings January 16, 2013 to provide information and gather feedback from the public and property owners in the areas of the proposed project.

Great River Energy submitted a Certificate of Need/Route Permit application on Thursday, June 30, 2013.



Project Contacts

Peter Schaub
Senior Field Representative

Carole Schmidt
Supervisor, Transmission Permitting and Compliance

Media Contacts

If you are with the media, please contact:

Jennifer Mattson
Twitter: @jennymmattson

Lori Buffington
Twitter: @lbuffing