Great River Energy proposes to build and operate approximately 2.5 miles of new 115-kilovolt (kV) transmission line that is needed to provide electric power to a new petroleum pump station being proposed by Enbridge Energy.

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Quick facts

Structure: Wood poles
Right of Way: 100-foot-wide right of way. 50 feet on each side of the centerline
Voltage: 115 kV
Spans: 350 to 400 feet apart
Energization: Fall 2019
Length: 2.5 miles
Permits: Permits to be obtained through the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission

Public meetings

The Minnesota State Public Utilities Commission held a public hearing on the project on March 30, 2016.



Summer 2018


Winter 2021

Permitting/ environmental approvals

Great River Energy submitted a route permit application to the Minnesota PUC in August of 2015. The PUC issued the route permit, and Great River Energy is currently waiting for the written order.


Route permit application
Environmental Assessment
EA Appendix A

Project contacts

Peter Schaub
Senior Field Representative

Tosha Barthel
Transmission permitting specialist


Media contacts

If you are with the media, please contact:

Jennifer Mattson
Twitter: @jennymmattson

Lori Buffington 
Twitter: @lbuffing