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    Checking on the power that keeps you checking in

    How does your power get to you? And who verifies that infrastructure conforms with environmental requirements? Who ensures reliable electricity continues to flow on both the coldest and hottest days of the year? The answer is: A lot of people. Great River Energy works with many local, state and federal agencies so the power that […]

    Runestone reaches $1 million in community support

    Over the course of several years, lots of tiny donations can add up and make a huge difference in the community. By rounding their electricity bills up to the nearest dollar, Runestone Electric Association’s (REA) members raised $1 million to support important community organizations through a program called Operation Round Up. Over the past 17 […]

    A future for falcons

    As Great River Energy planned to demolish a power plant, employees found a way to preserve the site’s beloved falcons – and set an example that could have lasting effects on peregrine falcon populations. A pair of peregrine falcons returned in March to a Great River Energy facility location in Elk River and accepted their […]

    Elk River skyline changing as plant structures come down

    The Elk River Energy Recovery Station was shut down March 15, 2019, following years of economic challenges. Great River Energy is decommissioning and demolishing the plant in a responsible manner that will safeguard the local environment while also assuring the safety and security of employees and the local community. Crews have spent much of the […]

    Stanton Station demolition, restoration complete

    Land on the bank of the Missouri River was converted from a field to Stanton Station in the mid-1960s. For half a century, the power plant created reliable energy for Great River Energy’s member-owner cooperatives. Today, the site is fully restored to resemble what it looked like more than 50 years ago. Nearly three years […]