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    First responders get firsthand EV safety training

    Access to, and demand for, electric vehicles (EV) continues to increase as more states implement transportation standards to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and with growing consumer interest in driving electric. Minnesota is working to become the Midwestern leader for plug-in EV use and recently adopted clean car standards with a goal for 20% of […]

    Money-saving programs play an important role in a healthy electric grid

    Electric cooperatives have long understood they can use the grid efficiently and economically by reducing demand at certain times and shifting energy consumption to off-peak times. This strategy, known as demand response, allows Great River Energy to reduce demand on the electric system during high periods of stress with the flip of a switch. Better […]

    Historic holiday wind damages power poles, substations

    When severe winter weather threatens the power line system, Great River Energy’s system operators, line technicians and field services crews work quickly to prepare for what may come and restore the system when power lines or substations are damaged. The night of Dec. 15, a rare December thunderstorm rolled in. It caused damage to Great […]

    Co-ops donate year-end dollars to fire departments, food pantries

    Electric cooperatives do more than just provide a necessary service to their members; they also have a vested interest in the success of the communities they serve. They show a commitment to these communities in various ways, including monetary donations to nonprofit organizations. Between Great River Energy and one of its member-owner cooperatives, 20 food […]

    Trunked mobile radio extended to Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative

    Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative (MVEC) will soon begin using Great River Energy’s trunked mobile radio (TMR) system. This is the two-way radio system Great River Energy’s field technicians use to communicate with each other and system operations from the field. MVEC is the 19th member-owner cooperative to join the system. Chris Leleux, director of infrastructure […]