Your opportunity to support wind

The Wellspring program provides businesses with an easy, affordable and meaningful way to support sustainable energy efforts. By participating in the Wellspring program, you are able to offset your conventional energy use and take pride in helping promote and expand renewable energy development. Small acts can make a big impact. As more businesses support the program, more opportunities arise to generate power from renewable sources. Together, we can power the future.

While the electricity that is delivered to your business includes increasing amounts of renewable energy, our Wellspring Renewable Wind Energy® program allows sustainability-conscious businesses the option of helping us do even more for the environment.

By making the choice to participate in Wellspring, you not only help support wind energy development but also help reduce our dependency on non-renewable energy sources.

What exactly am I buying?

Those who participate in the Wellspring program are purchasing renewable energy credits (RECs). A REC embodies all of environmental attributes of renewable generation and can be tracked separately from the underlying electricity. For every 1,000 kWhs of clean, renewable electricity generation, a REC is created.

1 REC = 1,000 kWh = 1 MWh

Is the Wellspring energy supplied directly to my business?

No. The electricity generated by the wind turbines is fed into the region’s electric grid. Renewable Energy Credits provide a tracking mechanism for the purchase of renewable energy that is added to and pulled from the electric grid. The wind power you purchase replaces electricity that would have been generated by conventional fossil fuels.

Will power in my business be dependent on the wind blowing?

No. Your power will continue as usual because conventional generation will ensure power is supplied when the wind is not blowing.

Can your utility generate all of its electricity from wind?

No. Wind provides a great way to meet some of our electricity needs. However, wind could never generate all of our electricity needs because the wind doesn’t blow all the time. Wind-generated electricity is an important part of the overall mix of generation options.

Is wind energy cheaper to produce than other generation options?

Not yet. Someday it may be a cheaper alternative, however, today, it is still more expensive than traditional generation methods. As technology advances and costs come down, wind will become more and more cost competitive. Another factor is that the windiest areas are often far from the areas that need the power. Therefore, transmission lines need to be built, and this adds to the overall cost of wind energy.

Who can participate?

To qualify for the program you must be located in your local electric cooperative’s service territory.

Program details

Contract term: 5-10 years

  • Full calendar year terms only (Jan 1-Dec 31)
  • Cooperative/Member to define term

Pricing (through August 31st each year): $1/REC = $1/MWh

  • Pricing set annually but locked-in for length of contract term
  • Enrollment by August 31st for current year pricing, if price changes would take effect Sept 1st
  • If enroll after Jan, true-up quantity billed in first month

Minimum qualification, individual participant: 1,500,000 kWh (1,500 MWh) annually

  • Available to a single consumer meeting minimum qualifications

Minimum qualification, corporate aggregation: 5,000,000 kWh (5,000 MWh) annually

  • Available to aggregated related consumers meeting minimum qualifications

Maximum REC offering: 100% of energy usage

  • Will not sell more RECs than what offsets participant or aggregation energy usage

Large capacity RECs: Individual participant exceeding 10,000,000 kWh (10,000 MWh) annually

  • Requires approval to ensure REC supply planning

Early termination: Involuntary: no penalty. Voluntary: 1 year penalty payment based on previous 12 months energy usage

  • Cannot re-enroll in Wellspring until after original contract termination date
  • Involuntary termination: facility closure, ownership
  • Voluntary termination: transfer, bankruptcy, etc.

How can I get started?

Contact your local electric cooperative to learn more about how to sign up for the Wellspring program.

Download a PDF of this information