Elk River Peaking Station is a 192-megawatt (MW) natural gas peaking facility. The plant features a simple-cycle combustion turbine-generator able to reach 150-MW of power output in 10 minutes, which is faster than any other industrial turbine of its size operating in the world. Elk River Peaking Station is fueled with natural gas April through October and with ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel oil the rest of the year.

Elk River Peaking Station typically operates in times of highest electrical demand, which generally occur during periods of very high or very low temperatures. In addition, Great River Energy occasionally may be called upon to operate the facility to provide voltage support on the area’s transmission grid or for other grid support functions.

The facts

  • Location: Elk River, Minnesota, Sherburne County
  • Generating capability: 175 MW (summer)
  • Fuel source: Natural gas; backup, fuel oil
  • Turbine generator: One combustion turbine manufactured by Siemens (SGT6-5000F4)
  • Start of operation: 2009
  • Project site: 20 acres