The Elk River Energy Recovery Station was closed March 15, 2019, following years of economic challenges. Great River Energy is decommissioning and demolishing the plant in a responsible manner that will safeguard the local environment and assure the safety and security of our employees and the local community.

Decommissioning of the power plant began in the fall of 2019. Demolition and site restoration are expected to be completed in 2021.

Great River Energy has secured the demolition site to ensure its employees and the public remain safe. Great River Energy is asking local resident to remain a safe distance from the site. We will post updates at this page periodically to keep the public informed about the project.

July 29, 2020, update

Some of the largest structures at the Elk River Energy Recovery Station have been safely taken down in recent weeks as demolition continues to change the skyline on the hill in Elk River.

Early July saw the removal of the majority of the plant’s air quality control/scrubber building, including the safe felling of two scrubber silos and associated duct structures (pictured at right).

June 16, 2020, update

The power plant’s main stack was taken down after standing for many decades. Crews mechanically demolished the top half of the stack and then tipped the structure and landed it precisely where they planned. This was an important milestone in the demolition, and it was completed safely.

May 20, 2020, update

Much of the decommissioning work continues inside the power plant, as crews drain equipment and safely dispose of components. The interior decommissioning work will precede demolition of the plant structure.