Cambridge Station – Unit 2 is a state-of-the-art combustion turbine plant, an approximately 154-megawatt natural gas-fired power generation facility in Cambridge Township, Isanti County. The plant was built on a site already owned by Great River Energy and adjacent to an existing, smaller generating unit – Cambridge Station Unit 1.

Unit 2 consists of a simple-cycle combustion turbine. The fuel for the facility is natural gas, chosen for its low air emissions and ready availability from a nearby pipeline. Cambridge Station normally operates during times of peak electrical demand, which generally occur during periods of very high or very low temperatures. In addition, Great River Energy is occasionally called upon to operate the facility to support voltage on the area’s transmission grid or for other grid support functions.

The facts

  • Location: Cambridge, Minn.
  • Unit 2 Generating capability: 170 MW (summer)
  • Start of operation: May 2007
  • Fuel source: Natural gas
  • Turbine generators: Unit 2 manufactured by Siemens (SGT6-4000F)
  • Project site: 23 acres