The value of electricity

Electricity remains a good value

Electricity has fueled countless technological advances and consumers use it, either directly or indirectly, at almost all times. However, electricity is so abundant and affordable that it’s easy to take for granted.

Electricity remains an undeniable bargain, and one of life’s great conveniences.

More about the value of electricity

Let’s compare the cost of electricity to other consumer goods. Consider the cost of a gallon of gas 30 years ago compared to today’s price. How about a pound of coffee or a loaf of bread. The cost of electricity is only slightly higher than it was 30 years ago. While this doesn’t take the sting out of rising costs, it does show that the cost of electricity has remained relatively flat, despite its increased use and value to our daily lives.

Whether you consider yourself a bargain hunter or not, you are getting one of the best deals around every time you plug in an electrical device. Sure, you pay your power bill each month, but do you know what you’re really getting?

For every $1 you spend on electricity, here’s how long you’re able to operate common household electronics:

  • Refrigerator: 1 week
  • Ceiling fan: 30 days
  • Lamp: 6 months
  • Cell phone: 1.5 years
  • Air conditioner: 24 hours
  • 40-inch LCD TV: 1 month

Sources: ENERGY STAR, U.S. Department of Energy, Natural Resource Defense Council, Manufacturers information.

Electricity continues to be a bargain, especially when compared to other consumer goods. As demand for energy rises and fuel prices increase, Great River Energy and its member cooperatives are committed to providing safe, reliable electricity and keeping your bills affordable.