It’s more than electricity …

The electricity Great River Energy and its member cooperatives provide charges phones, powers computers, lights offices and powers tools.

However, many other things in life come about as a result of byproducts from generating electricity. Even the ash produced while generating electricity is put to good use.

Known as “fly ash” (because it “flies” out of the top of a power plant’s boiler) it is coveted by companies that make concrete. They are able to use this waste product to replace a portion of the cement in the concrete mix.

Fly ash particles are small and round, like tiny ball bearings. When fly ash is added to concrete, the particles not only fill in tiny spaces in the concrete, they also react with water and other compounds to form a powerful glue. The result is a concrete that is stronger and lasts longer. In other words, it’s a value-added product that users demand.

Fly ash from Great River Energy is used in concrete patio pavers, driveways, highways – and even the new Twins and Vikings stadiums.

Using fly ash also helps keep power costs down, relieves the burden on landfills and prevents emissions associated with the creation of cement.

Using waste products like fly ash has economic and environmental benefits. And that’s in addition to the generation of electricity people rely upon every day.